Hello World once more!


Hello? Is this on? Is anyone out there?

Looking at the posts below, it sure has been a while! But as something I have considered for a long while, this post here was the final push to finally convince myself to dust my old blog off and move it whole-sale into becoming part of my website, with the intention of actually using it again once in a while.

So far my almost-not-embarrassing archive of posts from my old wordpress blog have been moved here, a place it appears I stopped using in 2015(!). Since then I’ve mainly been using a mix of Twitter and Tumblr for project updates, and twitter is one I’ll likely still continue to use regularly. Tumblr… well, I’ll likely still use it for art once in a while. I very much enjoyed tumblr’s ease of use and design, something I’ll likely miss.

The main website for White Cat is still looking a bit like a placeholder-mess, and the look of this section isn’t set in stone yet either, but hopefully I’ll have it all nice and shiny again soon. Or at least serviceable.

And that’s that for now!

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