Arrrgh I hate CSS @_@ It’s so confusing! It was so much simpler back in the days when I just had to write some simple HTML code! (almost)

I have been wasting most of the day trying to fix some things I wanted changed on my website, after updating the comic. In the end I finally managed to set up a horizontal menu in the top like I wanted to – it looks like crap, but at least it’s there now 😛
Now I just need to figure out the other couple of things I wanted.

If I was just to use the page for my gallery, it would be fine the way it is now. But I want to make it easier for people to read my comic there.

In the end I should probably just have used Comicpress or something for that.

I wonder if it would be best to some day get a seperate domain name for Angelic Orbs? Looks like most webcomics benefit from having their own page like that.

Ah, it’s all so confusing…. I think I’ll try and watch Aria now instead.

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  1. Hehe yeah, I must admit that taking care of my website has generally become easier this way. Coding just isn’t my thing 😛

    Thank you for the offer ^^ It’s not something you have to feel forced to offer, though. I’m still debating whether AO deserves a page for itself.

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