Die, Slime!!

After being asked several times by M12, I finally tried out the MMORPG Fiesta Online today. It’s been quite a while since I played RO, so the only other game of it’s type I can really compare it to is FlyFF (Fly for Fun). Here are my thoughts:

The graphics for the game are nice and cute, and the characters aren’t as short as in FlyFF. On the other hand, when creating characters, there are very few choices (1 face, 3 hairstyles, 3 hair colours). On the log-in screen I later spotted a “50% off character customization!” ad = FAIL! Looks like this game could be an even greater cash cow than FlyFF. It kind of annoys me that everyone has to look this much alike in the game – I seriously hope you’ll get a chance of changing these things at some point without having to pay for it.

The town is pretty easy to find your way around, and when the different graphic options are turned down a notch I don’t experience a lot of lag. I generally liked the world design in Flyff better though, and the controls too – having to click the mouse to change your point of view all the time is a little annoying. But maybe it’s just because I’m more used to the Flyff controls. (At least you can use the keyboard for moving around, a feature which was missing in Mabinogi in the few minutes I tried it).

Hmm looks like you can get some kind of flying-like transportation in Fiesta like you could in FlyFF (although I don’t think you can ‘fly’ as high?), so they are pretty even there.

Plusses for Fiesta:
I saw someone riding around on some tiger-like creature in town. It… was… so…. CUTE! I want one!!! <3
Also, I really like the HP and SP stone feature. It’s practical. The “house” thing is fun too – in Flyff you would just be sitting down. The outcome is the same though.

All in all Fiesta still wins, since I was getting really tired of FlyFF lately… but I guess it’s just a matter of time 😛 I don’t hate it as much as it sounds like.

I was also supposed to update AO today. I still hope I can make it in time, but this page is a pain to finish <_<

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  1. I’m sure an MMO is very difficult to build, so I don’t mind paying a bit to change my character’s looks. I look forward to doing some “Kingdom Quests” with friends. That should be awesome.

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