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Blue Rose Characters – Simon

Blue Rose Characters – Simon

Next character introduction is for Simon:

Simon is a Templar of the Blue Rose, just like Lena. They have worked together for almost two years now, and Lena sees him as an important mentor to her.

Simon takes his position very seriously, and has a great sense of responsibility for those under his command. He is also very calm and collected, and usually has his temper under control. Usually.

Simon’s route was hard to write. So many things are going on under his calm exterior, and the other routes have him say and do things as a result of this, which could be hard to explain. That, and he usually has to draw the short end of the stick.

Don’t worry Simon, you’ll get your chance! Some day…

Blue Rose Characters – Gavin

Blue Rose Characters – Gavin

(I realised I had said earlier that I would now introduce Blue Rose characters, then never actually continued doing so…. oops? Anyway, here is finally introduction #2)

Next up in our character introductions is – Gavin! He was the first character I wrote a route for, so he might as well be the first of the main characters that I introduce as well:


Gavin is one of the first people that Lena is introduced to in the village. He can be a bit of an idiot, but I quite like his non-serious attitude. In spite of his tendency to piss off everyone around him, Gavin is also a pretty dependable type.

Like Lena, Gavin is a bit of a newcomer in this village, and therefore also somewhat of an outsider.


The inspiration for Gavin came very early on from a certain character in a certain movie/book. In the end his personality ended up completely different from that character though! They only share a very few superficial traits.

Silence before the storm

Silence before the storm

So, about time I actually showed some real art from Blue Rose. Except it’s still only lineart!

But here you have the main cast of the game – the protagonist Lena in the front, and all the pursue-able characters around her:

Click for larger image

Aran is being all mysterious in the back, turning his face away from the audience. Not to make him super mysterious or anything, but he’s never been that close with the rest of the group anyway! You’ll get to see what he actually looks like later…

Character names from left to right: Gavin, Lena in front, Aran in the back, Erin, Tobias looking annoyed in the front and lastly Simon.

Now back to drawing art that actually appears in-game…

Angelic Orbs: Broken Memories released!

Angelic Orbs: Broken Memories released!


Angelic Orbs: Broken Memories has now been released!

Go to the website to download the game, or to Lemmasoft to read up on the release and leave a comment 🙂 (Or you can do that here 😉 )

OP video:


Yes, I’m lazy….

Edit: The first version of the game had a buggy sound effect that made the game freeze on some computers during Tia’s path. Ver. 1.1 fixes this bug and download links have been updated with this version. Please re-download if your game didn’t work. Enjoy! 🙂

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