Introducing Burrow Tales!

I’m making a TTRPG zine!

“Burrow Tales” is a small TTRPG in the making, based on Tunnel Goons and taking the players underground into the wast burrows of the bunny kingdom. Make your bunny and go deeper, keeping your people safe from the dangers unearthed below…

This is a concept that has been knocking about in my head for a little while now, mixing a little bit of Watership Down and the idea of dwarves digging too deep. The world above ground is full of danger, but who knows what truly lurks below?

A bunny’s life comes cheap, and your inborn instinct may be all that saves you.

I’m aiming to finish the majority of it here in April. It has already been tested once, and looks promising! Some more testing and polish ahead as well some artwork, and then hopefully I can release it into the wilds before long.

More updates to come!

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