*Sparkly eyes*

I recieved my Princess Nightmare artbook today! And it looks great! It’s a collection of pictures from a magazine called B’s Log, along with character guides and CG’s. I have never seen B’s Log, but seeing how many artbooks are collected from that magazine, I’m guessing it has a lot of pretty pictures.

Prepare for lame photo’s of book…..:

Character pages:

Prince in a suit!

Also, is it just me, or is this a picture of Yama together with Jin from Yo-Jin-Bo?


I better get back to looking at the pretty pictures…. I mean, work on my projects…. 😛 And don’t worry, the avalanche of Princess Nightmare posts here should be over now.

4 thoughts on “*Sparkly eyes*

  1. Yeah me too. I’ve only been able to find it used though, and I’m so sceptical 😛
    I’ll probably end up doing it some day though.

    But only do it after you finish the game! There could be spoilers 😉

  2. Wah~! I love B-Log’s artbooks…they have quite a lot, and I collect them…;o; but they’re so expensive. But the Princess Nightmare one looks quite nice 8D

    LOL. THAT IS JIN isn’t it? xD I mean who else has the golden head thing?

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