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Blue Rose full release!

Blue Rose full release!

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The final version of Blue Rose has been released! A demo is now also available, for trying out the novel.

Get it now to experience the story of Lena Ehrenfeldt, the Templar who goes M.I.A in the mountains during a mission to escort an important ambassador. Help solve the mysteries of what happens in the lonely village hidden there, throughout 5 different character routes with each a good or a bad outcome.

The full version of the game also includes extra short stories that are unlocked after playing through the game’s different routes, as well as image and music galleries.

All who bought the beta version will recieve an email with instructions to download the newest version.


Blue Rose status and thanks!

Blue Rose status and thanks!

It’s obvious that I’m not the best at keeping people updated through this blog! But here is a post to assure everyone that Blue Rose is still on track.

I’ve received some really good feedback from those who got the beta so far, thank you very much! The current game is being updated with the bugs and typos you have found, as well as other hiccups here and there. Along with that the last few features are being added. The final release should happen in April.

For those in doubt, the final release will of course be available for free for those who bought the beta. There are also still two characters in the game that have not yet been introduced on this blog – they will make an appearance soon.

Blue Rose Beta

Blue Rose Beta


Blue Rose beta has been released into the wild!

– What exactly is the beta version?

The beta version of Blue Rose is effectively the entire, full game of Blue Rose. It contains the full story, artwork and music that is expected to be in the final version, along with the unlockable short stories for those who complete the five routes in the game, though they won’t be accessible until the first update. It will be available at a cheaper price than the final release.

– What is NOT in the beta?

Some of the polish is missing, as well as proper testing by a larger crowd. Not all menus are fully costumized, so users of Ren’Py will recognise some standard configurations here and there. Some things, like the Gallery, will not be available right away either.

– So why release now?

Because I want all of you to get the chance to get in early, and help test it out! Does it work on your computer? Do you have suggestions or corrections to the text? Then throw all of your comments my way! Even the slightest comments that might seem insignificant are welcome.Post them to me here on the blog, or send me a mail: ltb@the-white-cat.com !

Blue Rose Characters – Erin

Blue Rose Characters – Erin

Up next is Erin:


Erin is the lone girl with her own route in Blue Rose. She runs a small inn in the village together with her sister Mary.

Erin is a positive, welcoming character, who takes an interest in Lena right away. Her dream is to turn their small inn into a great restaurant – something quite unlikely in the tiny little mountain village where they live.

Easily impressed by Lena’s knightly background, Erin is a bit of a dreamer. She loves cooking and socialising with others, but stays somewhat isolated in spite of this.

Names and origin of Blue Rose

Names and origin of Blue Rose

Time for a post with content about the development of one of my current games.

Before Blue Rose I originally intended to work on different project under the w.i.p. name “Academy”. I had done a lot of script planning and world building for this project, but when the writing of the script began in earnest, I ended up shifting over to something different – from the supernatural mystery taking place in a huge castle/academy and with a male lead, it turned into a story taking place in a distant corner of the same country, but with a completely different plot and cast (the main lead now being female). That is Blue Rose.

Some things carried over from the first project since Blue Rose was supposed to take place in the same world. One was the attitude towards magic and users thereof in the country of the main character, the other was usage of names. This country is called Tanves.

When creating the setting for Academy I decided to use names for the characters that are used where I live myself, since the place is very European in appearance anyway – names that are ordinary here in Denmark, but also acceptable in English (no pronunciation issues, hopefully!). Since Blue Rose takes place in the same country this rule also applies here, and that has taken part in deciding names for characters like Lena, Simon and Tobias.

Gavin is from the neighbouring country of Helen and thus has a very different name that you wouldn’t see often around here. The same with Aran, who is something completely different than everyone else in the story. The sisters Erin and Marie also come from the same place as Gavin, but! Useless trivia will tell you that these two are 2nd generation immigrants from Tanves, and as such they are named after the same rules as Lena.

I could keep talking about this by mentioning last names as well, but I’ll spare you…

“Academy” is still a project that I intend to work on as I think it has some very interesting characters and a premise that I like. Maybe it will become my next vn project when Blue Rose is finished.

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