It’s 2011 already! Time to follow the example of others and make another post looking back at what we have accomplished so far. Hey, it’s still January, I can still make it!



In the beginning of 2010 I was chatting with some friends, discussing what we were hoping to do in the new year. My humble hope was to at least finish the script of the large VN I had begun working on, Blue Rose. Much to my relief I succeeded in this goal! Not too long ago the final route was finally written, and the script is now going through proofreading and editing.

Also, through the power of outsourcing, all backgrounds and in-game music tracks were finished before the new year as well! Blue Rose has really seen a lot of progress, and now I’m focusing on finishing character lineart and just got a great colourist on board.

As a part of my work with Blue Rose something else happened in 2010 – I finally decided to found my little commercial game company, White Cat. So far it has had a humble beginning. I haven’t really done any advertising as I haven’t finished any real products yet, but I made a small site for it and also decided on a name. Hopefully it will all look a little better by the time I have something to sell. 

I also released the two very short vn’s, My Eternal Rival and Dust, both part of events running on Teacup and both somewhat related to each other.

My Eternal Rival was a bit of an experiment in making fast but pretty visuals for a short mini-story. I think I succeeded in this – even though the sprites for this game definitely have their faults, they are still some of my prettiest art on my DA portfolio. (Damn, makes me cry when I work so long and hard on other things!)

Non-VN related things:

Unfortunately I had to pretty much shove Angelic Orbs aside in 2010. Nothing at all has been made for this story this year. Le sigh.

A secondary project for White Cat was begun though, the small rpg called “The Nest Egg”. This was for when Blue Rose was driving me nuts.

And then were regular commissions taking over from time to time…

Phew, even though I didn’t really release anything major, it still felt like an awfully busy year…



A new year! So, what will I hope to accomplish this time? 

–         Release Blue Rose sometime in the first half of 2011. Go-go!

–         Promote The Nest Egg to primary project

–         Begin work on ??? as new secondary project (won’t reveal anything about this one yet.)

Those are what is certain. Then follows wishful thinking:

–         Return to work on Angelic Orbs ;_;

–         Blue Rose is amazingly successful <_<

–         Finish another game!

–         Improoove on… everything. 

That’s it for this long summary post. See you all in 2011 🙂