The Evil that is Princess Maker 4


So I just received Princess Maker 4 for the PSP in the mail today. Playing the old PM2 DOS version with no sound was getting boring, so when I found this version for cheap, I thought “why not?”. Now I get shiny graphics and voices!

Unfortunately I get easily addicted to management games like this one, and ended up spending my time marathoning through this game today. And here’s a little about what the game is like (there will be a few minor spoilers, but it’s not like the story in these games is that deep).


The story starts out traditionally – the world is ending, and a hero shows up, saving the day by slaying the demon boss. (Only this time it’s a woman doing the slaying – woo!).
Travelling the world the protagonist hero, now all alone, is handed a small girl in a forest. He is asked by his former lover (the demon-slaying superwoman) to raise this child, and he agrees.

Now the game begins with a diabetically cute little girl only 10 years old. A lot of people shy away from Princess Maker games, saying that it borders on the pedophile. I don’t believe so. It’s a fun game with and interesting concept, and I know for a fact that a lot of females enjoy playing them as well. But I still feel like doing a head-desk when that little girl says that her dream is to “marry her papa”. -_-;;


Differently from the old Princess Maker 2 that I played last, this version is filled with events and pretty CG’s. The daughter also has a wide range of friends that she gets to interact with. And as she grows a little older, potential grooms show up – yay, this game has bishies!!

Since I used to do well at the warrior route back in the days, I decided to try my luck at that here as well. I keep loosing the battles at the festival though ._.
I run into a guy called ‘Charles’, riding a white horse. He claims being a knight, but keeps running away from someone. It’s not hard to figure out why.

My daughter ‘Rio’ grows up – soon she meets Charles as the castle as well, and spends a couple of christmasses with him. For once I actually manage to both do well with her warrior training, and also get all the way up to the queen and king when visiting the castle! Things are going well, I think! I even manage to win the final tournament!

The great day arrives – the day of the dancing party when Rio is 18 years old. She and her friend goes to the castle to finally see the prince. While Rio waits in excitement, she sees that the prince is, in reality, Charles (as if we didn’t know that already).
The prince smiles, and comes walking towards Rio and her friend. ‘Yes!’ I think. ‘This is it! I finally got the Prince Ending!’

“Would you like to dance?” he asks.
“Oh yes!” answers the friend.


Next we see mr. prince and Rio’s childhood friend dancing around, while hearing Rio think about how happy she is for her friend.

Poor Rio ends up alone, and goes out to fight in the war. She becomes some hero or something.

So now what? Screw the prince! Next time I’ll go to Dark Town and go after that red-eyed bishie I saw there. Yeah.