Time and place

The deadline to participate in the World of Warcraft Tribute artbook from Udon was passed the other day. I made an attempt to participate in this – in spite of not paying attention and therefore only hearing about it when there were 4 days left to submit something in. I still wish I had more time to work on my piece, as there are things I would have liked to put in there, had I more time. But for now all there is to do is hope for the best. Slim chances, I know.

But it also makes me think of something that sometimes crosses my mind after finishing a piece. What if I had heard about this contest earlier, and started working on my piece in good time? It would most definitely have looked completely different. Not because I had more time to work on details and to add things, but because I would have started work with both a different mindset, but also maybe a very different image in my head. Would it really have been better?

I think art depends a lot on the very second you sit down to begin. Even if you make early sketches and plan out your picture, so much of it is decided on that one moment and the state you’re in, if you do it Monday or Tuesday.

I find it a strangely fascinating thought. This picture you’re painting, or the text you’re writing – how would it have looked if you had done it next week instead? Or just a few hours later?

You’ll never really know. At the same time, the thing you are working on exists only in this very second when you put down your pen. Wait, and it will be gone forever, replaced by something else. For better or for worse, that’s another matter entirely!

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