White Cat launches!

And now for some different website news! White Cat launched today – I finally decided to make the site dedicated to my game projects, so here it is.

The site is still very bare-bones with very little content, but that should come along in the near future. The only project you can read (a little) about so far is my as of yet unannounced rpg “The Nest Egg”. My visual novel Blue Rose also has a section, but in spite of it being the main development project there is not much to see yet. I also plan to put Angelic Orbs: Broken Memories up there, but that one has no rush as it is already available at my gallery site.

Now back to actually producing content…

7 thoughts on “White Cat launches!

  1. ooo how cool! x3 you know, there aren’t nearly enough otome visual novels, let alone ones in english. >_< when you finish this, will it be free to download? oh, and do you get to name the character you play as? x3 lol I <3 games that let you do that, bc it feels more personal that way~

    1. Yes, you’re right. I hope you’ll like my games 🙂

      I’ll have to disappoint you in both cases though – the visual novel will be commercial, and as I wanted to give the story a protagonist that stood out it also means that her name cannot be changed.

      That will be changed in the RPG I’m making though – you can rename the protagonist in that 🙂

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