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NaNoReNo is soon coming to and end, and it’s time for another progress report about the Angelic Orbs game.

When the NaNo month started, I decided to use the deadline to hopefully get the art for the game done. Unfortunately this is not possible. The last few weeks a lot has happened in this house, ultimately resulting in the posibility that we may have to move. Because of that I have been forced to move all my stuff away from where I usually draw, and retreat into my own room until the value of the house has been estimated. And… well, let’s just say that this is a very small room. And it’s hard to draw and colour details with your tablet lying on your lap instead of on the table.

That doesn’t mean that no progress had been made, just that things are going a lot slower than they are supposed to. Here are some stats showing how far things are progressing with the art:

CG lineart: 21/27
CG colour: 14/27
BG: only 1 missing….

A couple of CG’s have been written out of the script. I felt they looked too much like earlier CG’s in the game, and that it would be a general waste. Therefore I have decided to use sprites in those scenes instead. On the other hand that has resulted in Tia’s sprite set growing even bigger, since a few of them needed to be changed for the scene – she’s the character with the most sprites in the game, since she has a few variations.

That last BG is really annoying me now. It is so hard to find a photo matching the last room in the game! Please, if you find a photo free-for-use of a light room, without huge windows and tables in the middle then tell me ^^; It wouldn’t hurt if it looked a bit like a place where one would exhibit things. Oh, and it is inside a mansion….

As for the music, things are going really well. It will probably be finished before the art is!

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