Resolution: Year of the backlog

As we swiftly move towards the end of January, I thought I’d briefly touch on what ended up being my personal resolution for 2020. 2020! Such a catchy number, and we’ve only got it for one year.

At first I didn’t intend to make any resolutions at all, and instead just commit to the general concept of “Keep going!” with some of the things I’ve managed to get started lately. But as the new year closed in I ended up thinking of one thing I keep wanting to do and never manage to stick to for long. A resolution I’ll most likely fail before the year gets properly going, but trying never hurts, yeah? So here it is:

I’m not allowed to buy any one new book/game/similar kinds of content without having finished two I already own. Finishing counts as reading the book until the end, or otherwise exhausting the content of whatever it is until a point where I feel I got what I wanted out of it (in the case of games and such that have no definitive ending).

At first I started with a one to one scale for this, but then decided to make it harder for myself by upping it to two finished per one new acquisition, with the goal of actually lessening my backlog of “things”. Some of this stuff is old man, and still waiting to get its turn! Will I succeed?? Probably not, as much as I like shiny new things that go on massive sales much too often. But at least I’m going to try! I’ve made my public dedication to this now, so let’s see how long it lasts. 

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