Bottle Bunnies and Magical Horses


Hello again.

Instead of ranting about my computer breaking down again, or make lame excuses for not having released my game or comic yet, I am going to talk about something completely different today.

As my motivation for looking up on the Bella Sara card game has recently been rekindled, I happened to stumble upon the artist blog of Jennifer L. Meyer, one of the artists of said card game.

And I must say, just looking over a few of her pictures made me fall in love with her art right away. I mean, there are cute bunnies everywhere, who can resist that?

Cake-baking bunnies, electrified bunnies, warrior bunnies, winged bunnies… and they all still look like real, fluffy bunnies.

Of course she draws other things than bunnies too, and it’s all worth a look. And if you want to avoid all the text and blog-ness, you can also just visit her portfolio.

Looking at her Bella Sara horses almost makes me loose the little confidence I had just gained in this area. I mean, this is what I have to compete with? Dear me.


So, don’t wait for me to get my act together and say something analytical and profound about her art – just go look at it already!

(And man, I really do need to do something more out of this blog too.)