Today I came upon something odd. I was looking for some info about my Pokemon DS game, and suddenly I saw an article with a picture of a card from a cardgame called “Chaotic”. I almost fell off my chair when I saw it.

I remember Chaotic…. several years ago I wasted some money on a new card game to check it out, for the sole reason that it was something as different as a new danish TCG. The quality wasn’t particularly amazing, and the art really put me off. It was pretty cool that the cards could be used online though, and it introduced some new ideas. As far as I recall, this game didn’t survive for very long.

Looks like this game has now re-appeared in the US last year. The art certainly looks different now – it’s a lot better. It even has its own TV show it seems. Whether the gameplay is anything like in the old days, I don’t know.

I have dug up some of my old cards from my memory box to see if I could find a year of origin anywhere, but with no luck. But this game first came out more than at least 6 years ago I believe. I scanned some pictures for you, since it looks like every trace of the original tcg have disappeared from the net:
Aren’t they terrible? 😛 And these are some of the best ones….

I don’t have any intentions of picking up this game ever, but it did surprise me.
I doubt it will be able to beat Bella Sara though.

After this little trip down memory lane, I’ll get back to the card games I actually care about…..