steinsgateToday while I was procrastinating and surfing some websites, I coincidentally ended up on 5pb’s website. There I saw an announcement for a new game – Stein’s;Gate.

Just from looking at the title, you may already have noticed similarities with Chaos;Head. This title is also advertised as the “2nd collaboration between 5pb and Nitroplus”. Website got up today, and so far only shows a clock counting down, probably until release of the game (apparently 06.12.2009 – please correct me if I’m reading it wrong).

Now, I have to say that I am already VERY intrigued. I love Chaos;Head, and to see another creepy game come out from these two publishers makes me happy. Nice story and no ero – goes right up my alley.

Unfortunately I also got very disappointed when reading further on the announcement on 5pb’s website – apparantly this is coming out for Xbox360.

Bummer ;_;

I wish they would have made a pc release, and then ported it later like with C;H, but… doesn’t seem like it. Well, hopefully that means we’ll get a lovely port for pc later……. Right?