Sound, Visuals, Action!

So, I’ll make a post for once that doesn’t just revolve around my own little project.

Lately there has been some attention surrounding a new(?) way to release books here. Recently I saw this kind of project named in the media for the second time, a so-called “2-dimensional novel”. A well-known author here released a book which was part ordinary text, part graphic novel and with a soundtrack. So the point is to listen to these songs as you read along certain parts of the book, making text, pictures and music create a whole.

The whole time I couldn’t help thinking, “but that’s just a visual novel without a computer, isn’t it?”.

Also, both the author, artist and musician are pretty well-established names in my country. Apparently even the musician is the one who came up with the idea, having the story created around the tunes. And the artist is pretty well known for being manga influenced…

So, what is my point with this? I don’t really know. I guess I just find it really interesting to see how other authors and artists are trying to make all these things – art, music, stories – come together as something special. And, who knows, maybe this kind of storytelling is actually becoming more than a niche. And in the future, it could be something more than just a way to lure kids into reading books too.

Of course no one says that they succededed yet. It could just be a novelty, disappearing into obscurity – time will tell. I guess I should check out this book myself. After all I own another series of books by the same author, which were all really good.

For those interested, the mentioned “book” is called “Sirene” by Leene Kaaberbøl. I don’t know if this book even exists in other languages than Danish yet, but it probably will at some time.