End of Mini-RPG January

January ended a little while ago, and that meant the end of my little self-imposed deadline to try and knock out a prototype of a mini-rpg in a month! So, how did it go?

Success, more or less? The prototype exists. I ended up spending the last week of December+January on this, simply since I couldn’t wait, and now have a game where the story can be played from start to finish, with an easy boss to punch in the face for the victory screen. It’s an ugly skeleton, it has nothing resembling balance in it, but the story is there with functioning cutscenes, and the combat system and monster encounters are in place as well, along with a few pieces of graphics even. And that’s pretty much what I was aiming for!

Also, it has a name! “Eye of D’akess.”

So what’s up next? The skeleton is in need of a skin, as well as some serious grease in its joints. Hopefully I can sort those last bits out in the very near future, and have my little “rpg short story” ready for the world. And during that time I will also be slowly returning to work on Angelic Orbs as it has been entirely ignored for this past month, and we can’t have that!

Placeholder graphics are great….

All in all taking some time off to work on this has been fun, and I learned a lot. That first week in the holidays was mostly spent on re-acquainting myself with the RPGmaker engine, getting grips on how to make all the little gears turn. During the rest of it I’ve gotten a greater sense of how to approach the parts of a project like this in general, something I’d very much like to make use of again in the future, after this one is done. So I’d say it was generally time well spent – not to mention that I’m excited to actually finish this little story and send it out into the world! I hope you will all enjoy meeting Ricki and playing through her and Edmund’s adventure.

I’ll keep sending out little updates on twitter and the like when some worthwhile progress on this game happens, and there will likely be many streams dedicated to adding said skin to this skeleton as well.

And that’s it for now!

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