My Eternal Rival – oh so Cute and Fluffy


The “Cute, Light and Fluffy Project” has finally been released!! You can find it:

Here (LemmaSoft Forums)
Here (RenAi Archives)

4 short stories are collected in this OELVN anthology. One of them is my own “My Eternal Rival”. I really hope you’ll check out these stories and enjoy the results!

“My Eternal Rival” is about the black witch Luna and her desperate attempt to get even with her rival, the red witch Lera. A story of rivalry, servitude and frog cakes.

On another note, I’m finally updating my blogroll. It was about time, too many were missing there (and a few links had even died).

5 thoughts on “My Eternal Rival – oh so Cute and Fluffy

  1. Bonsoir! I came here by a search of ‘Heileen’, and I was wondering if I could link to your blog on my blog, which focuses on otome games. And also, you mention Heileen as being an otome game, but man, I can’t get anyone except John as an ending – do you know what you need to do to get someone else?

    1. Hello 🙂 Sure, you’re welcome to link here! I read your blog often, heh.

      Hmm I mostly mention Heileen that way because of what I hear from others. Honestly I haven’t played it much yet myself. So maybe I was wrong there?

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