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It’s the 1. September. That means summer is officially over, and I didn’t manage to get the AO game out during summer as I had planned ._.
I progress news, I just recently managed to fix Tia’s entire sprite set. Now check this out: Tia has a total of 33 sprites. 33! I nearly died, having to go through all of those @_@ Tia has the most expressions to begin with, and on top of that her sprite set has a couple of variations for some of those expressions. And since she was the first sprite set I made, it is also the most unorganised one. In comparison Yoko, the female lead with the fewest sprites, has only 9 expressions in total.

Oh, and today was my first day at my new work as well.

All together now...
All together now...


Time for some kind of progress report on the AO game.

Since the only thing I have to do at the moment is finishing the art for the game, there rarely is anything new to talk about. I got a composer to help me with the game a short time ago though (Alessio), and he has sent me a few samples to demonstrate what he’s doing. It sounds great already, so I’m really looking forward to what my game will be like with music and everything in it ^^ (He’s also the first person to actually play the game.)

On the art front I finished the lineart for a couple of Zyra CG’s today, and finally pulled myself together to fix the “front” pose for Yoko. You can see the difference here – I believe it helped a lot:

Now she doesn’t look like a gorilla anymore….. Instead her head looks a bit huge. But I noticed that almost all my sprites have huge heads, so maybe it blends in <_<;;
I also noticed an error on her sideways pose now. Sigh. I don’t know if I will fix it….

Yoko: Why is it always my sprites that are broken….?

Tia: I don’t know…. maybe because Vatina isn’t as used to draw you as the rest of us?

Yoko: …. I have disgraced myself.

Tia: Nah, lighten up Yoko!

…… …….


Tia: Wait, where are you going….?

Tia: Nooo stop Yoko! let go of that sword!

New stuff

New stuff

And so I actually went ahead and added the Lemmasoft blog links 🙂 Go check them out! Some of them have some really great stuff – better things than what you’ll find here, at least.

I also added a seperate page for Glass Wings, since that is primarily what this blog is for now. You can find the link up in the banner. There’s not much interesting stuff to read atm though, especially not if you already know about the project….

Deep in the forest….

Deep in the forest….

Hoorray for Photosh… uh, Paintshop Pro.

Since I can’t draw proper BG’s, especially not the amount needed for Glass Wings, I use slightly altered photos all the way. I’ve been able to use pictures I took myself almost all the way through, with a few exceptions inside the mansion.

But not long ago I added a couple of scenes that made me come a couple of BG’s short… and I still have trouble with them. In the end I tried making a photo manipulation for the a scene in one of the paths, where the characters rest at a small ruin in the forest. take a look at the evening version:

It looks like a lego-set or something 😛 Oh well, I guess it works… in an odd sort of way….
Obviously I’m no good at photo manips.

I’m still having problems with the last CG for the final battle. In the end I may have to rewrite the whole scene to make it fit whatever I have lying around. *Sigh*…….

Oh, and I’m almost done coding Zyra’s path. That means I can look for a musician in the not so distant future.

PS: I really need to add links for the other Lemmasoft blogs like others have done – I’m sorry >_< It’s just because I’m so lazy…. but I’ll get it done….




I really should update here more. Maybe that could also motivate me a bit.

Something with the complete opposite effect though, is when I come across blogs or sites like this: No Boys Allowed
Looking at that can really make me feel like my game is pure crap 😛 Seriously, just look at those screens with the school and all the girls on the streets…. gah….

I guess something that would really help my game along would be to have some proper backgrounds, instead of just edited photographs. I need a lot of BG’s though… it’s an impossible task, really. I still wonder what I should do about the last two BG’s that I need.

But what about progress on the actual gamemaking? Not much. I have finished a couple of CG’s, and I have just spend quite some time creating a special ‘swoosh’-ing effect for the battle scenes. It’s finally starting to look good, but I am getting worried about the filesize of the picture needed for this effect. If I don’t watch out, this game is going to be way too huge. Oh well, maybe I can do without the effect in the end, if I can’t make it smaller in size. It would look good if I made it work though…

Oh well. Better get back to work.


AO – Glass Wings

AO – Glass Wings

I have been wanting to write a post about the Visual Novel I’m making for some time, so here goes.

‘Glass Wings’ is so far the title for an OELVN (original english language visual novel) that I am making, based on my online comic Angelic Orbs. It will contain 3 paths (Tia, Yoko and Zyra) and be playable even if you haven’t read the comic before.
The story takes place further down the timeline for AO, which means that there will be characters and events mentioned that haven’t happened in the comic yet.

So far progress on the game is going well Continue reading “AO – Glass Wings”

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